Skagit Valley Detachment No. 1043

Minutes 19 September 2017

 1900: Meeting called to order by Commandant Dan Walker.

Roll Call of Officers: All present and/or accounted for.

Application for Membership: Marine Willard “Max” Johnsen has turned in an application for membership. Marine Johnsen told us about himself and his time in the Marine Corps. After discussion, a motion was made and seconded to accept his membership application. There was a unanimous vote to accept Marine Johnsen as a member of Detachment No. 1043. He was sworn in as a member by Commandant Walker welcomed by members.

Adjutant’s Report: Marine Steve Blasdell advised the membership that since National is no longer sending out renewal notices, they have decided that all members will have a renewal date of 1 September of each year. Unless you have a renewal date later that 1 September 2017, your dues are now due to make you a member in good standing.

M/S/P: Minutes for July 2017 approved. We had our picnic in August so there were no meeting minutes for August 2017.

Paymaster’s Report: “The League is solvent at this time.”

Chaplain’s Report: No Report.

Toys for Tots: Marine Tim Brown gave a report for the League’s BBQ at the T4T concert at the Eagle Haven Winery and thanked everyone for their help. Our profit for the concert and selling the left-over hot dogs before tonight’s meeting was $2,342.49. This beat our prior best year of about $1.500. This amount goes to our detachment. The proceeds from the concert go directly to the T4T program. Marine Blasdell gave his heartfelt thanks for all who made the concert a huge success. Marine Blasdell also advised that he didn’t have the final numbers on how much the concert made for the T4T program, but will report that to the membership at the meeting in October.

Boys & Girls Club: Marine Lee Schuirman & TJ Molendyk gave a report on the golf tournament which was held at the Avalon Golf Course on 11 August 2017.

Skagit County Veteran’s Service Center: Marine JR Olivarez reported that the project is going along as planned and they have received the backing from several organizations. The proposal has been made to the Skagit County Commissioners and they like it.

Veterans Community Park: Marine Ted Carney passed out copies of the flyers that have been made for the park. Marine Carney also reported that everything is moving along, but slow at times. The plaques will not only be available on-line, but order forms will be able to be used as well. The current focus of the park is the “Legacy Plaza”. This will hold a total of 7,000 veteran’s names and 1,000 orders must be received before they can even begin to proceed with this part of the park. Get the word out so this project can proceed.

Members Report: Marine Joe Velasco advised that several members that he has spoken to can’t come to the meetings because of other commitments and/or personal issues.

Marine Corps Birthday Ball: Marines Joe Velasco & John James have discussed not having the Ball at the S-W American Legion and have researched other venues. The other venues included The Cottontree Inn in MV, the American Legion in Burlington, Hillcrest Lodge at Hillcrest Park in MV, McIntyre Hall at Skagit Valley College in MV and possibly the Granges in the county. Marine Velasco reported that the cost for the Cottontree was $750 for the facility and a $150 deposit to reserve it plus $75 if a projector or microphone is needed for the ceremony. The cost for a Prime Rib dinner would be $27/person or could be downgraded to salmon for $26 or chicken for $25. There would be a “No Host” bar and rooms could be reserved for anyone who wished to spend the night. The cost of the Legion would be free and a kitchen committee from there would cook the dinner, but we would have to obtain a liquor license from the state. Hillcrest Lodge can be rented to a MV resident for $125, but a liquor license would have to be obtained and the dinner would have to be catered. No contact had been made with McIntyre Hall for details. Marine Rodney Johnson also said the UW holds a Marine Corps/Navy Birthday dinner on 18 November and the cost is $50/person. He has attended before and said it is very nice. Marine John James inquired from the members if they wanted him to order glasses for the Birthday Ball and reported they cost $3.50/each. It was decided that the glasses were not necessary. The decision on this matter is forthcoming. Some members donated money to make sure members who can’t afford to attend would be able to.

Good of the League: TJ Molendyk inquired if our detachment would be willing to partner with the Helping Hands Food Bank to get the veterans the help they need. Members asked him to find out more details and report back to the Detachment.

1951: Closing ceremony as per ritual.

Respectfully submitted, Adjutant, Steve Blasdell


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