Veterans Fund Projects: All projects are performed and accomplished by Marine Corps League volunteers. Your donations, through the Honor Buckle program, help make these projects possible. Thank you for your generosity

Education ‘Start Funds’

Most Veterans do not have enough money to start college, and they cannot receive VA benefits until they are enrolled…. Catch 22.

Our Marine Corps League Detachment raises funds to provide ‘start funds’ for tuition and books. It is agreed that once enrolled and eligible for VA benefits, the veteran will reimburse (as much as they can) our Detachment so we are able to assist other veterans in the future. Goal: Assist 100 veterans a year.

Scholarships: Military related children and/or grandchildren.

Our Detachment currently grants one $1,000.00 scholarship a year to help with college expenses. Goal: Grant $10,000.00 a year.

Stand Downs: The ‘Battle of Life’ is sometimes overwhelming.

Veterans sometimes find the battle of life to be more than they can handle and they need a place to come and be ‘refreshed’. These events are normally sponsored by American Legions and are called ‘Stand-downs’. Our Detachment helps support and supply food and clothing for these events. Among other services that Veterans may receive are haircuts, blood pressure checks, blankets, and gas vouchers, to name a few. Goal: Monthly ‘Stand-Downs’

Eagle Scouts ‘Court of Honor’. There is hope for our country as long as Boy Scouts

strive to become ‘Eagle Scouts’. Our Detachment participates in all Eagle Scout Courts of Honor in our area. Normally we are called upon to give recognition with the presentation of a Marine Corps League Awards Certificate. However, we take it a few steps further by acquiring and presenting the new Eagle Scout with an American Flag that has been flown over our county’s capital in Washington DC. And, on occasion, perform the Marine Corps Flag Folding Ceremony.

Goal: Extend Court of Honor participation to surrounding counties.

Disabled Veteran ‘Track Chair’

This project was recently launched and seems to be a lofty one. Each track chair is approximately $10,000.00. We know there is a ‘Wounded Warrior’ in need of one in our area. So, we have taken on the project and will keep you posted on this page.


We thank again for helping us accomplish these goals.  Please give consideration to” Show a Special Veteran your Appreciation” by gifting them an Honor Buckle.  Semper Fi

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